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The biggest problem we've had with Sketchy - what with, ya know, having to actually get up in the mornings - has been it's midweek slot, but that's all set to change now.
He complained about difficulties related to connecting with Libyans saying leaking information was very sketchy.
The dinghy was later returned to the eight-berth yacht Sketchy which is moored in Swansea Marina - 40 miles down the coast.
This turns out to mean that some buildings get a rather brief and sketchy treatment out of proportion to their size and importance.
While still sketchy, the plans are the most detailed that the agency has offered since President Bush announced 2 years ago his intention of having astronauts return to the moon as a stepping stone to Mars.
It is depicted with a graffiti-informed aesthetic that is sketchy and unrefined but can be spontaneous and full of movement.
It's got the usual stuff about corporate media, capitalism's woes, warmongering, etc, but it manages to avoid the sketchy conspiracy theorizing that makes some of the other stuff like this basically worthless.
They then put their research work into a Freewrite document, animated in Sketchy, and create slideshows with ViewPoint.
Featuring a handful of sketchy illustrations in black-and-white, Young British Slacker is an unusual novel written in second person--always addressing the reader, i.
BIRMINGHAM'S DanceXchange takes us to the streets for Sketchy - a performance by hip hop master Bill Shannon.
Wes Bissett, senior vice president of government affairs and state relations for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, said information about the existing pilot program has been sketchy at best.
The information might be sketchy and based solely on recollection--i.