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Sketchy At Best runs at the Lawrence Batley Theatre from Tuesday, December 5 to Saturday, December 9 with performances each night at 7.
Also on the night are the legendary Sketchy resident DJs and the club's infamous Return to Wonderland stage set and production - including pyro, giant balloon drops, confetti cannons and character hosts, the entire shebang taking over room two in its entirety.
Sketchy Behavior is a funny, exciting story of art, crime, betrayal, and divine intervention.
He complained about difficulties related to connecting with Libyans saying leaking information was very sketchy.
The dinghy was later returned to the eight-berth yacht Sketchy which is moored in Swansea Marina - 40 miles down the coast.
The characters are interesting, but since the plot is sketchy they don't have much to do.
SUNLEY SHINES was given a cool ride by 5lb claimer Sam Jones to win the 2m novice chase at Ludlow yesterday, but she didn't do herself any favours with some sketchy jumping up the home straight and I doubt the 42 that was matched on her between the final two fences would have been available had she jumped with more accuracy, because she was actually travelling best turning for home.
Of especial note is the striking color illustrations that usually incorporate a photographic object, such as a stapler or a glue bottle, into the freehand-style, sketchy main pictures.
What are we supposed to believe about the sketchy information coming out about the injuriness of Peyton Manning's carpometacarpal joint?
This turns out to mean that some buildings get a rather brief and sketchy treatment out of proportion to their size and importance.
While still sketchy, the plans are the most detailed that the agency has offered since President Bush announced 2 years ago his intention of having astronauts return to the moon as a stepping stone to Mars.
It is depicted with a graffiti-informed aesthetic that is sketchy and unrefined but can be spontaneous and full of movement.