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When we commenced dining, skewered items seemed to arrive fairly rapidly, but then the pace slowed considerably.
Skewered Garlic Butter Shrimp with Yankee Doodle Guacamole
Lay skewered squash on grill and baste with garlic oil.
Place skewered beef in marinade and let stand (turning occasionally), refrigerated, 3 hours or overnight.
Recommendable dishes: The house specialty, couscous royale, flavored with the chef's own chicken-vegetable broth features his skewered lamb, skewered chicken and a trio of his house-produced, spicy Merguez sausages.
The skewered foods take time to assemble, but can be put together a day ahead.
After chicken has cooked 10 minutes, grill the skewered shrimp until they turn pink and feel firm when pressed, 3 to 5 minutes; turn once or twice.
Recommended items: Rotisserie chicken, skewered beef heart, tamal de pollo, aji de gallina, chicha morada (purple corn drink), helado de lucuma (ice cream).
50) which is a moist and flavorful ground chicken mixture skewered and cooked on the grill.
The larger-portioned servings of hearty, Spanish-style black-inked rice with calamari and a saffron aioli ($12), juicy skewered lamb ($13), earthy morels in cream ($13), perfectly grilled yellowtail and wild salmon ($12 each) provided an adventurous sharing feast.
95), which is skewered shrimp glazed with the spicy tepin pepper; ``Chicago''-style deep dish pizza ($5.