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The next morning, they headed out early, eventually finding the Whales Tail ski trail and then the hiking trail.
Soon, there were only trees and snow, but because the path was a ski trail, it didn't seem likely I'd get lost at two in the afternoon.
You anticipate a glorious view, only to see the surrounding landscape strewn with ski trails, ski lifts, snowmaking pipelines, and other ski-related development amidst a swath of cleared forest.
The same techniques used to model facilities ranging from ice rinks to ski trails will also ensure that ticket buyers don't wind up with "phantom" or duplicate seats, television viewers worldwide enjoy optimum views, the environment is protected, and the site is safe from terrorists.
Boffins compared the levels of UV rays on freshly fallen snow on a cross country ski trail in Ishikawa Prefecture to an artificial sand beach in southern Japan's tropical Okinawa Prefecture.
On the Tug Hill Plateau, where the snow gets deep and stays all winter, there are state forests with extensive and well maintained cross-country ski trail networks that offer many miles of scenic trails for skiers to explore.
A major road to a timber sale is presented as a potential cross-country ski trail.
Those first few years there was no dedicated ski trail between the ski trails on the Hillside and the trails at the university, so the Tour used the dog-sled racing trails to make that link," Hill recalled.
Four major cross-country ski trail systems are found in the region, offering groomed, novice to expert ski trails with varying levels of amenities.
A ski trail below leads you to a comfortable lodge, a cup of hot chocolate, and a cozy fireplace.