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You anticipate a glorious view, only to see the surrounding landscape strewn with ski trails, ski lifts, snowmaking pipelines, and other ski-related development amidst a swath of cleared forest.
Trail-builders spent several years in the 1990s carving out a ski trail on Bureau of Land Management lands and Far North Bicentennial Park, he said.
They have all these hundreds of miles of ski trails, and nobody on staff to keep them up.
Announcement of competition: Expansion and upgrading of existing ski trail and the establishment of drainage ditches and partial replacement of masses, and some upgrading of light.
At the top of the Palm Springs Tramway is a machine packed and marked cross-country ski trail.
Recently, the facility received a facelift that includes three theme areas for kids and a beginners' ski trail.
The Government Peak Recreation Area contains a new ski trail system for school competition and general public use.
The Resort is introducing its first-ever family ski trail, The Schoolyard, to debut on Keystone's signature green cruiser, Schoolmarm.
The three-mile ski trail to the Brandenburg Shelter begins on the right, at the start of the sno-park loop.
Strong on advanced terrain and just eight miles outside Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains, Whiteface houses the longest vertical drop ski trail on the east coast--3,216 feet.
It offers over 12 miles hiking and cross-country ski trail, mountain biking, snow tubing, snowmobiling, ice- skating and fly- fishing.
So, instead of downhill riding, Mount Bachelor promotes mountain bike riding on its Nordic ski trail system in the area around the base of the mountain.