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It is now a most highly skilled occupation, supporting fully fifteen thousand families, to put the telephone wires in place and protect them against innumerable dangers.
Mr Ruddock also said these migrants would need a skilled occupation with locally recognised qualifications, be under 45 years of age, and lodge a pounds 1,400 bond on application and a further pounds 700 for each adult dependent.
'It's a more skilled occupation than traditionally it has been,' said a spokesman.
He said he regarded call centre work in financial services as a highly skilled occupation.
The applicant must have minimum one year of full time or equivalent paid work experience in the last 10 years in a skilled occupation classified under NOC skill level 0, A or B.
83 per cent of Coventry University students moved into a high skilled occupation after graduation, compared to the national position of 45 per cent; ?
The popular PR visa categories in Australia are: oSkilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 oSkilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 Find an Occupation Relevant to the Skill in the Occupation List The government in Australia releases a Skilled Occupation List every year categorizing the requirements where the foreign skilled workers are invited to apply.
The researchers find that the probability of being employed in a skilled occupation increased after the arrival of fast internet, while the probability of holding an unskilled job decreased.
These are: people with a degree who are working in a highly skilled occupation (professionals and managers/administrators), people with a degree who arc working in a moderately skilled occupation (technical and clerks/bookkeepers), people with a degree who are working in a low-skilled occupation (laborer, service worker, and agricultural worker), and for comparison, people with less than a high school degree who are working in a low-skilled occupation.
"As a result, to some extent the occupation becomes a job of last resort, people who are looking to get into the trade say it's not a skilled occupation or a trade, so they're going to go somewhere else."
Director of neurosurgery Mr May added: "Neurosurgery is a highly skilled occupation which some may think is beyond their reach as a possible profession.
Skilled immigrants also have bright opportunities for immigrating to Australia, because of the recent announcement of the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List, which focuses on 400 professions that are in demand in Australia.