skilled practitioner

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In early intervention services, the trust that develops between a skilled practitioner and a parent, child or young person can motivate and equip people to change their lives.
Her vast experience and quiet confidence means she is recognised by everyone as a wonderful and skilled practitioner.
1] Professional negligence stems from healthcare practitioners negligently failing to exercise the degree of skill and care of a reasonably skilled practitioner in his or her field of practice.
Perhaps very little, but Mendes is a skilled practitioner, and fans have high hopes for his film.
Peter Jones, of international music magazine Billboard said: "Stella Starr is a superbly skilled practitioner of the art of selling a popular song.
The skilled practitioner must take these guidelines and make decisions regarding the appropriateness for the individual patient.
Pulse diagnosis, however, has a far longer history and takes a skilled practitioner years to learn.
Skin "communicates" with the skilled practitioner and says many things about its owner.
As soon as he started here he rapidly acquired a reputation as a highly skilled practitioner and leader of our team of racecourse vets, which delivers top-class, compassionate and attentive medical treatment should a horse become injured, especially to those requiring palliative care.
It is good that these professionals disseminate their work but as editor I am reliant on peer reviewers to distinguish the skilled practitioner from the crackpot.
In the nearly bygone days of the darkroom, it took a skilled practitioner to "touch up" a photograph.