skilled practitioner

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When it comes to finding the right cardiologist for yourself or loved one, you need to consider all options and opt for the best, most skilled practitioner in the area.
President Johnson was a skilled practitioner. To some degree, history has judged this an era of highly flawed "ends justifies the means" leaders.
Contract award notice: Skilled practitioner dps (united kingdom-edinburgh: Environmental issues consultancy services)
His boss is the revered consultant Roger Hurley (Patrick Baladi), but Rob soon realises that Hurley isn't the skilled practitioner he appears.
You should also be sure to choose a skilled practitioner, as this can make a significant difference in the success of the procedure.
It takes a skilled practitioner to mitigate all these issues and make sure their clients are protected .
Welcome digressions are offered into the science of cartography (of which Cook was a skilled practitioner) and the perils of scurvy, and the reader emerges with a rounded sense of the complex encounter between Europe and the South Pacific: still, in this era, 'primarily an imagined place for Europeans'
"Her vast experience and quiet confidence means she is recognised by everyone as a wonderful and skilled practitioner.
[1] Professional negligence stems from healthcare practitioners negligently failing to exercise the degree of skill and care of a reasonably skilled practitioner in his or her field of practice.
The decision for the PSD to be signed by a non- medical independent prescriber was based on several factors including: the availability of a skilled practitioner with experience of working with children and young people who is also a competent and confident independent prescriber; managing the service within the existing workforce rather than having to source a medical prescriber with the cost implications which that would involve.
She is a skilled practitioner with advanced EAV/EDS training in Bioenergetics which represents a new science able to generate greater diagnostic and treatment precision.