skilled practitioner

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Perhaps very little, but Mendes is a skilled practitioner, and fans have high hopes for his film.
Peter Jones, of international music magazine Billboard said: "Stella Starr is a superbly skilled practitioner of the art of selling a popular song.
The skilled practitioner must take these guidelines and make decisions regarding the appropriateness for the individual patient.
Pulse diagnosis, however, has a far longer history and takes a skilled practitioner years to learn.
Skin "communicates" with the skilled practitioner and says many things about its owner.
As soon as he started here he rapidly acquired a reputation as a highly skilled practitioner and leader of our team of racecourse vets, which delivers top-class, compassionate and attentive medical treatment should a horse become injured, especially to those requiring palliative care.
It is good that these professionals disseminate their work but as editor I am reliant on peer reviewers to distinguish the skilled practitioner from the crackpot.
In these nine articles, contributors examine how this form of dance developed and how Gennaro Magri, its foremost choreographer and skilled practitioner, devoted his career to it.
It's important to find a skilled practitioner whom you trust, to take you to your "edge" but not beyond.
Harris is clearly an extremely skilled practitioner.
The skilled practitioner will be aware of the alternatives and will select from those methods that most closely apply to their particular situation.
The native of Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, is a skilled practitioner of ''iai,'' a technique of swordsmanship that features the skill of cutting one's adversary on the draw.