skilled technician

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Many a project would cost a lot more if the engineer with the honours degree went it alone without skilled technician support.
Kawai recently introduced the VT132 Vari-Touch Piano that adjusts to the player's touch, eliminating many hours of careful adjustments by a skilled technician to make a piano feel "just right" for a specific player.
However, this promotion system does not consider how proficient a skilled technician is in his job.
This ensures that a programmer or a skilled technician is not needed for new pallet patterns.
Having such a skilled technician available also addresses the problem of depending on nursing assistants who are semitrained or even untrained in equipment utilization, due to constant turnover.
However, even such a seemingly simple solution as attaching a larger monitor may be a complex and vexing technical matter requiring the involvement of a skilled technician.
The goal of the AMT program is to close the gap of unfilled skilled technician jobs in Alabama and across the country.
Royce was our unanimous choice to move into this critical position at Journal Sentinel, based in large part on his background as a skilled technician and a well-respected leader," said Elizabeth (Betsy) Brenner, president and chief operating officer of Journal Communications' publishing group.
Capturing images formerly reserved for those few institutions with an aging film based photo slit lamp and highly skilled technician, ADIS-9000 offers high-resolution, hand-held versatility to a variety of ophthalmic specialties in the private practice setting.
This failure to recognize the loss of 4,000 high-paying Minnesota skilled technician jobs raises additional questions about the quality of the current plan:
The installation simply requires a skilled technician to wire a room, typically in less than 5 minutes, causing little or no interruption of normal hotel business operations.