skilled technician

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The goal of the AMT program is to close the gap of unfilled skilled technician jobs in Alabama and across the country.
The solution reportedly enables office-based helpdesk staff to see the status of each engineer and allocate work orders which can be sent directly to the appropriately skilled technician via a PDA device.
Kawai recently introduced the VT132 Vari-Touch Piano that adjusts to the player's touch, eliminating many hours of careful adjustments by a skilled technician to make a piano feel "just right" for a specific player.
However, this promotion system does not consider how proficient a skilled technician is in his job.
This ensures that a programmer or a skilled technician is not needed for new pallet patterns.
Nicolino Locche (117-4-14, 14 KOs): Skilled technician was known as ``Untouchable.
Senior officers said Peterson - a skilled technician with the elite Air Assault Brigade - had been "transformed" since the revelation of his sexuality to comrades.
Having such a skilled technician available also addresses the problem of depending on nursing assistants who are semitrained or even untrained in equipment utilization, due to constant turnover.
However, even such a seemingly simple solution as attaching a larger monitor may be a complex and vexing technical matter requiring the involvement of a skilled technician.
Royce was our unanimous choice to move into this critical position at Journal Sentinel, based in large part on his background as a skilled technician and a well-respected leader," said Elizabeth (Betsy) Brenner, president and chief operating officer of Journal Communications' publishing group.
WAFEC includes a testing methodology that can be used by any reasonably skilled technician to independently assess the quality of a WAF solution for meeting the unique needs or his or her organization.