skilled technician

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Many a project would cost a lot more if the engineer with the honours degree went it alone without skilled technician support.
Kawai recently introduced the VT132 Vari-Touch Piano that adjusts to the player's touch, eliminating many hours of careful adjustments by a skilled technician to make a piano feel "just right" for a specific player.
However, this promotion system does not consider how proficient a skilled technician is in his job.
This ensures that a programmer or a skilled technician is not needed for new pallet patterns.
Having such a skilled technician available also addresses the problem of depending on nursing assistants who are semitrained or even untrained in equipment utilization, due to constant turnover.
However, even such a seemingly simple solution as attaching a larger monitor may be a complex and vexing technical matter requiring the involvement of a skilled technician.
The goal of the AMT program is to close the gap of unfilled skilled technician jobs in Alabama and across the country.