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The Director of Sudan Center for Immigration, Population and Development Studies explained to SUNA that a big number of professional and skillful and specialized Sudanese cadres are working in England, noting that the purpose of the seminar is to contribute to transfer the knowledge and expertise and to increase competence at home through training during the summer vacation.
He noted that Russia's military-industrial complex badly needs skillful workforce, and called for a "brain import" of foreign talents.
and Patricia Buoncristiani, a classroom teacher, university lecturer, and school principal, show teachers and school administrators how to teach metacognition, so children will become skillful thinkers and independent, lifelong learners.
Diwaniya mayoralty devoted 10 donams, 5 km to the west of the city, to be distributed among skillful workers and technicians, who have formal permits to practice their careers," Engineer Jawad Kadhum told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
Finally, the most skillful doctors we studied have a different goal in their crucial conversations.
At the very least, this means a shift to living with larger uncertainties and risk than before, and adapting by becoming more interdependent with out neighbours, while becoming more skillful and resourceful in meeting our daily needs.
Through skillful planning, a true knowledge of farmers, and downright tenacity, the Garst Seed Company was launched and grew to become the fifth largest seed company within three years
As a tenant representative firm with offices throughout the country, we are well positioned to offer a wide platform of specialized services from brokers who are both skillful and knowledgeable.
Whatever the motivation, Holliday's skillful writing identifies the deceitful desires that can lead anyone down a desperate path towards drama, drama and mo' drama
In his preface, Batra promises to show "another face" of Greenspan, who he sees as a skillful power broker but a man of "intensely extremist views" whose policies have shifted trillions of dollars from the middle class and enriched the well-to-do.
Gallienne is entitled to the support of the Circle of Support and Accountability, but this is a man whose skillful manipulation of people in power allowed him to have unlimited access to vulnerable boys.