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Melodic motives are skillfully used in imitation, augmentation and to create introductions and endings.
Skillfully translated from Russian and edited with notes and an introduction by expert scholars Michael A.
Silva has much in common with her skillfully drawn central character: She's a Bay Area civil rights attorney born in the United States, whose mother moved back to the West Indies more than a decade ago.
Kate Reading's fully voiced narration skillfully represents the uniqueness of each character.
Shepard spread his Hodag myth with tall tales, photographs, the aid of a skillfully carved and decorated wooden prop, and even exhibitions of the fake "Hodag" at county fairs and similar events.
Judges, who sorted through 110 entries from 21 African countries, said her story about South Africa after apartheid as seen through a child's eyes was powerful and skillfully written.
Branch put his proposal in the form of an official memo to the secretary of the Treasury, and he did it so skillfully, that quite a few people thought it was a genuine government document.
To be sure, they were representing Americans United and the parents, but it is important for your readers to appreciate what it took to gather the evidence, place it in the framework of court decisions and skillfully present it in the form of well-written briefs (legal-factual arguments) and then nail down the case with testimony of witnesses.
Dig your hands into inducing and deepening trance, skillfully regressing people to the root cause of their challenges, and safely guiding them to heal and transform whatever emerges.
These results indicate that silkworms have skillfully adapted to the defense mechanism of mulberry leaves.
the two-story apartment project comprises three brick buildings housing all one-bedroom layouts that are skillfully proportioned in design and generous in room size.
Without term limits, the supervisors could serve for life, thanks to skillfully gerrymandered districts that give them personal fiefdoms and the ability to raise unlimited amounts of campaign cash.