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The Bauers' photos skillfully capture intimate moments with lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers, cougars and jaguars--napping, jumping on prey or hiding in trees--while also documenting their dwindling habitats.
Williams supports his thesis of the need for social context, skillfully weaving examples of the impacts of folklore, tradition, and religion with the hard facts that detail the extent of deforestation in each historical period.
But Steen, a Catholic painter in a Calvinist country, injected comic relief into the idyllic homes of the nouveau riche, by skillfully subverting the natural and social order (2).
This skillfully developed micro-history, presented as a lively drama, is a pleasure to read.
The authors draw skillfully from examples at companies such as Eastman Kodak, Apple Computer, Merrill Lynch & Co.
All are skillfully decorated, and guests have a choice of either a panoramic view of the Gulf or the historic district of Biloxi and its Back Bay.
The judges called Archbishop Peers' columns "effective parables for our day, skillfully written in folksy idiom that draw readers into the heart of the matter.
Skillfully tied together and attached to both ceiling and floor, extremely fine black threads delineated the outlines of a volume, which the eye, only after considerable effort, gradually perceived as a set of three intersecting ones.
More skillfully constructed than his pieces, but lacking individuality, is Romanian choreographer Alice Minodora Necsea's generically romantic abstraction, Serenade Opus 5, to staunchly conservative music by contemporary Slovak composer Eugen Suchon.
The result is a skillfully drawn portrait of an original thinker and tough-minded activist.
Traditional quality assurance efforts focus on the general question, "Have the hard technologies and science of medicine been appropriately and skillfully applied in the service of curing?
Her attention to detail enables her to skillfully manage projects, from initial client agreement to project close-out.