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For most CFOs, building the various facets of their leadership competency so that they attend to people and tasks with equal skillfulness takes years of practice and a fundamental shift in how the CFO views the world.
Such practitioners would be best equipped to distinguish a clinically-significant depression from a dark night of the soul, or journey with a client toward the pursuit of peace with the same skillfulness that would be used in helping to alleviate debilitating anxiety through cognitive and behavioral techniques.
Skillfulness in cross-cultural communication with patients can be demonstrated by a provider's comfort with asking key questions so that he or she may discover the broader context in which a patient is operating.
Fortunately, Melis' skillfulness and good taste are based at La Cucina restaurant in Riyadh where you can anytime ask for the above-mentioned specialties and other dishes, provided that they are purely Italian.
Brave and unflinching, this is a novel of extraordinary skillfulness and almost unbearable tension.
Sheridan, Buhs, and Warnes (2003) also emphasized the way in which the context influences children's relationships and social skillfulness.
Handwriting that looks like a wave is often an amalgam of all or most of the other forms and is usually a sign of mental maturity and skillfulness.
Aguolu and Aguolu (2002) explained that, effective use of library materials and other facilities depends on the skillfulness or competence of the users and the level of assistance given them.
Third, in the long term the actual size of the Shi'ite community, Hizballah's skillfulness and Iranian and Syrian support are likely to transform Lebanon from a struggling pluralistic society to a very different, Hizballah-dominated country.
It deals with one's skillfulness in avoiding the wasting of time and effort.
Commonly, African Americans/Blacks are stereotyped as possessing natural physical skillfulness that gives them advantages to excel in sports that require high levels of athleticism such as basketball, boxing, football, and explosive-type track events (Hodge et al.
Based upon our understanding of the applications of the social constructivism and computer-mediated instruction, the problem being addressed in this study was the comparative effects of a traditional face-to-face instruction and a computer-mediated instruction of an undergraduate level educational measurement course on student academic course performance, knowledge of, perceived skillfulness in, and attitude toward educational measurement.