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Reformulated skim milk with serum protein isolate contained higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl trisulfide and methional, compared to micellar casein concentrate-reformulated skim milk or skim milk after DSI or IND-UP.
The ongoing three year project will see further personalisation in the app using Skim Technologies proprietary Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms, providing continued cost savings and efficiencies for the charity.
Percent NAR remained similar (P>0.05) in SKIM, COW, BUF and HOM extenders at 24 h of storage.
"Late-season" skim milk, which is primarily available from countries where milking is seasonal and cows are grass fed, is high in orotic acid, a substance known to promote uric acid removal by the kidneys, explained Dr.
Archer abruptly leaves the school and her job, Skim changes.
Sixteen-year-old Kimberly Keiko Cameron (aka Skim) and her best friend Lisa are the detached, scoffing students in an all-girls school that is rocked by the suicide of their classmate's ex-boyfriend.
Waterway has two new skim filters; the Dyna-flo XL and Ultra Skim skim filters.
They can skim the SpeedPass and get the encrypted or encoded number.
The objective of the present study was to compare milk consumption behavior of fluid skim and UHT milk among elementary school-aged children in one region of South Carolina.
SKIM SCAM: A skimming device similar to the one used at the cashpoint in Wyken
When reading dancers' accounts of their lives, it is usually all too easy to skim the opening chapters in which the authors, often at exhaustive length, recount their formative years and the forces that led them to take up this most ephemeral art.