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I read on hastily, skimming much and remembering much of labour troubles in the past.
One day he happened to see a Swallow, which had appeared before its season, skimming along a pool and twittering gaily.
As he spoke he raised his arbalest to his shoulder and was about to pull the trigger, when a large gray stork flapped heavily into view skimming over the brow of the hill, and then soaring up into the air to pass the valley.
Sam Weller, in particular, was displaying that beautiful feat of fancy-sliding which is currently denominated 'knocking at the cobbler's door,' and which is achieved by skimming over the ice on one foot, and occasionally giving a postman's knock upon it with the other.
Weller; presenting the singular phenomenon of an elderly gentleman, dripping wet, and without a hat, with his arms bound down to his sides, skimming over the ground, without any clearly-defined purpose, at the rate of six good English miles an hour.
According to the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group, they have received numerous reports in recent months about missing deposits at ATMs prompting authorities to launch a renewed drive against high-tech thieves who use skimming devices to illegally withdraw cash.
ActivEdge(TM) prevents all known forms of skimming by shifting card insertion 90 degrees
Never mind skimming, if you see how lax customers are with their PIN and card itself, you would wonder why there aren't more cases of card fraud on our island
The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) yesterday issued a circular warning all financial institutions to be vigilant of skimming devices, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
CRIMINALS are using sophisticated card skimming devices to scam city cashpoint customers out of money.
and abroad that used skimming devices at ATMs to steal consumer information at several locations in the Baltimore area, including Harford County.
Gardai confirmed investigations into the growing spate of skimming are ongoing.