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9 million, skimming devices and ATM cards from their possession.
A CCTV footage of an ATM booth showed the culprits installing an ATM skimming device.
Meanwhile, CCTV footage of an ATM booth also showed the suspects installing a skimming device.
In response to Dawn queries about the precautionary measures one should follow while drawing cash from ATMs, an official associated with the skimming scam probe said: 'Right now we can only advice people on the basis of what we have found so far at the ATMs, which were targeted by the Chinese nationals.
He added that a group of eight to 10 people were part of the gang involved in ATM skimming.
On Sunday afternoon, police arrested a Chinese national from Tipu Sultan Road for his alleged involvement in ATM skimming fraud.
The latest arrest comes days after two Chinese men were arrested for allegedly planting a skimming device at a Habib Bank Ltd ATM in Zainab Market.
Police said that an organised gang of foreigners operating from China and Pakistan is behind the ATM skimming frauds in a city and they are in enough numbers.
It is pertinent to mention here that on January 10, police arrested two Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in ATM skimming fraud.
On at least five of the ATMs, skimming devices were removed by members of the public.
Gareth Twamley now has the world record of 107m in his sights after impressing at the All England Stone Skimming Championship in Windermere, Lake District, on Saturday, breaking the English record with an 88m throw.