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Grabell's discussion of the tax provisions of ARRA is skimpier than the spending portions, and more heavily focused on the political than the economic effects.
Casinos have added "pleasure pits" on casino floors where women either tend bar or serve drinks in even skimpier costumes than those worn on the casino floor.
But I was aware that the progress was slower and skimpier than I and others wished.
In fact, Marshall worked with the costume designer, Martin Pakledinaz, to give Reno a progressively skimpier wardrobe to complement the dancing.
Instead of Susan George bravely twice going topless as Amy, former Razzie award nominee Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) keeps her skimpier clothes on - even for that sofa scene which will still anger and confuse many.
He once said that interest could be drummed up in the women s game if the players wore skimpier shorts.
On three separate occasions, the male lead quite literally ripped the clothes off his female counterpart, revealing a skimpier, sexier costume underneath.
Brand-new buildings hitting the market now are still likely to offer a month free, but concessions are skimpier than they were during the worst of the downturn.
Choices are fewer at the other end of the meal, but Blu Smoke makes up for skimpier options with mammoth portions of whatever you choose.
Of course, the female form has absurdly exaggerated sexual characteristics; of course, the costumes are skimpier than one could (or should) imagine; of course, there's no visible way that these costumes could stay in place; of course, these women represent simple adolescent masturbatory fantasies (with a healthy taste of the dominatrix).
Cubans suddenly faced power blackouts, longer waits for buses, uncomfortable working conditions and skimpier lunches as President Raul Castro introduced austerity measures to cope with a growing economic squeeze, Reuters reported Jun.
But although the faces may be new, and the costumes even skimpier, the format remains largely the same, proving the British public haven't lost their appetite for watching musclebound athletes with scary nicknames hit members of the public with what look like giant cotton buds.