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Zahia, now 20, has since launched two collections of her own lingerie at the Paris couture shows, modelling many of the skimpiest undies FALLEN IDOL: herself.
Sunita continues to 'hide' her cheating ways by dressing in the skimpiest of outfits as singer Beyonce - then sneaking off to be with Karl, aka Tom Jones.
Having danced the night away in surely some of the skimpiest hotpants ever to grace the stages of Newcastle, Rihanna left a satisfied audience singing her lyrics back to her.
Leos love to be admired and you'll find the skimpiest of beach wear in their suitcases as they climb aboard flights to Miami ( http://www.
Chloe, who will be dancing with French skating champion Michael Zenezini, 30, a newcomer to the show, adds: "My outfits are tiny but Elen actually has the skimpiest outfits.
India's version of the internationally renowned Pirelli calendar is known to feature the best of desi eye candies in the skimpiest of clothes.
Entertainment, watching the stunning sisters go about their business in the skimpiest outfits ever.
The skimpiest slices came courtesy of Waitrose (***) and its satisfyingly chewy texture was spoiled by excessive use of paprika and flavouring.
A half cup is a tough target for even the skimpiest eaters.
I WENT for a massage last week and ended up lying there with nothing on but the skimpiest of g-strings.
One is undoubtedly the phenomenon of the city's young ladies defying sub-zero winter temperatures on a Friday night to wear the skimpiest of garments in which they will proceed to party hard.
And the layers' idea of the scorer of the first goal, going by the skimpiest odds they offered against anyone: 5-1 Torres.