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According to OECD data cited by Huffington Post, some of the world's wealthiest countries are also the skimpiest when it comes to helping out the unemployed.
ON FIRE: Maria Fowler is red hot in skimpiest tight black underwear The Only Way is Essex returns to ITV2 tonight at 10.15pm
India's version of the internationally renowned Pirelli calendar is known to feature the best of desi eye candies in the skimpiest of clothes.
Entertainment, watching the stunning sisters go about their business in the skimpiest outfits ever.
I WENT for a massage last week and ended up lying there with nothing on but the skimpiest of g-strings.
One is undoubtedly the phenomenon of the city's young ladies defying sub-zero winter temperatures on a Friday night to wear the skimpiest of garments in which they will proceed to party hard.
And the layers' idea of the scorer of the first goal, going by the skimpiest odds they offered against anyone: 5-1 Torres.
HRC's are extra-judiciary instruments whose officials rule and levy fines on the skimpiest of evidence, or sometimes in its complete absence, as in the recent case of Baptist Pastor Stephen Boissoin in Calgary.
Last summer, Arctic sea ice reached its skimpiest levels yet.
I chose roast beef which came on a balloon-sized white bap but with the skimpiest of salad garnish (pounds 3.30) plus a meagre portion of chips (an extra pounds 1).
The performers are presented with "everything but a script," Grier explains (which, last I checked, actually makes them reality TV stars)--providing the skimpiest of hooks for another improv concept, albeit one where the cast members who perform the scenes with the guest stars are obviously prepped in advance.
More than any other, the Sunkist brand is linked with oranges, and even consumers with the skimpiest knowledge of nutrition associate oranges with vitamin C.