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The skimpiness of its throttled constitution will soon bother me no longer-or so I hope.
First, it suffers from both conceptual obesity and conceptual skimpiness. Those who define exclusion narrowly referring only to market discrimination and/or to individuals who are subjected to social stigmatization are resorting to conceptual skimpiness.
Alan enjoyed it more for the cheerleaders - they breed 'em pneumatic in Florida - and their saucy routines and sequinned skimpiness didn't disappoint.
The skimpiness of women's outfits has caused controversy and at the 2006 Asian Games, only one Muslim country fielded a team in the beach volleyball series, amid concerns the uniform was inappropriate.
Both the skimpiness of the advice and the nature of that advice neglect the importance of discursive notes in scholarly writing.
Smith, Theron and Bateman capably handle the main roles, but such is the skimpiness of the scenario that no further characters make any impact.
The impression one gets of Cassandra's cool composure and lack of emotional response to events is partially a result of the narrative skimpiness of "Chapter[s]" that depict incidents (and teasing non-incidents) without providing any insight into the heroine's consciousness.
She said the perception that it was a novelty sport, chief feature being the skimpiness of the women's attire, was limited to Britain.
This overall skimpiness of the treatment of the relationship between the church and early medieval society on the Continent is especially striking compared to the thorough treatment in Clare Stancliffe's chapters on the Christianization of Ireland and other Celtic regions, and Alan Thacker's discussion of the impact of the English church on the Anglo-Saxon kings in the seventh century.
Mitchell, a marine geologist at Cardiff University in Wales, suggests another factor that may contribute to the sediment skimpiness of the area.
My main concerns are about what was missing, and I am uneasy about the vagueness of the doctrinal content of Brown's "traditionalism." This doctrinal skimpiness and vagueness would undermine the dialogue with other traditions that Brown is so keen on.