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The radical change mirrors that of singer Kylie Minogue, who vowed to trade in her hot pants and skimpy outfits for a more classy look.
Minutes earlier men in the half-full New Orleans club had whooped and yelped as Aussie star Gina writhed and thrust her hips to victory in a skimpy, near see-through, red dress.
But one, from behind in skimpy black lingerie, just looks pants.
The former lover of ex-England manager Sven Goran Eriksson celebrated her half-century by sunning herself in Fasano, Italy, in her skimpy attire.
As Peggy (Barbara Windsor) gawps in horror while cheering men gawp in delight, Sam peels off her clothes down to a skimpy pink bra.
All 16 of the test animals immediately moved on to an unmarked, skimpy patch.
London, July 29 (ANI): The ban imposed by the Vatican on tourists wearing skimpy clothing has been deemed as hypocritical, especially with the Catholic Church battling scandals involving paedophile priests.
One has a bulging pregnant belly, missing teeth, a skimpy bikini top and clutches a six-pack of beer.
Forget girls in skimpy outfits serving cocktails; we'll take the men in the cage every time.
But we don't want to start pitying her which is going to happen if she keeps appearing in public in skimpy basques and body stockings.
With outlandish, skimpy costumes ranging from fur miniskirts to feathered headdresses, Venetian-style face masks and elastic fishnetting, the dancers rocked their way through six rave movements.
The skimpy thongs - emblazoned with titillating phrases like "Angel/ Devil" and "Gorgeous Girl" - are on sale at Tammy Girl shops throughout the UK.