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DANGLE IN THE WIND Plenty of sun exposure in skimpy trunks
Earlier, the Prosecution Counsel, Aliyu Ibrahim said that Taofiq and Abbas were arrested on April 16, at a black spot along Sabon Gari road roaming the street in skimpy dresses.
Holden, 46, whose choices also included a see-through skirt with a leotard underneath, previously joked that she had not "done my job" unless people complain about her skimpy wardrobe.
"But I'm much happier in trackies and Converse than something skimpy. That's my go-to outfit."
"The required clothing for attending Masses and other church services does not go with the changing season," he said, citing clothes with plunging necklines, spaghetti-strap dresses, skimpy shorts and sportswear like sando, cycling shorts, caps and hats as inappropriate for church.
"So I don't even think the skimpy Latin dresses we wear on Strictly are that revealing."
The infamous teen bride married to the 'Green Mile' star who is in his fifties, is known for wearing very skimpy outfits all the time.
London, July 30 ( ANI ): Indian women, who are shy to step out in skimpy bikini, can now look elegant yet cool while relaxing poolside or by the beach thanks to the bikini sari.
Dubai A company owner has denied groping three of his former female employees after forcing them to wear skimpy outfits that he allegedly said would help lure customers.
She surprised him by dressing in a very skimpy pair of red panties with a white ruffle around them, which she'd bought from Victoria's Secret.
Flowing dresses, blazers worn with saris, skimpy blouses and bikinis -- the runway came alive in candy colours and girlie designs.