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Several of Japan's mainstream directors, such as Masayuki Suo, who gained world attention for his film "Shall We Dance," got their start by making skin flicks.
With 77% of Americans surfing the web for skin flicks and 4% LGBT, that doesn't leave many voters for the bouffanted billionaire.
DOWNSIDE: Barring Ekta Kapoor's low- budget horrex hit Ragini MMS 2 ' Sunny's Bollywood trek has been primarily restricted to C- grade skin flicks owing to her strong image.
Production company Skin flicks Director Fisher Magee
Low-cost airline RyanAir, for example, is considering the addition of skin flicks on their in-flight on-demand movie list.
If the Golden State ever did require condoms in skin flicks, the porn industry would likely pack up and leave town.
In addition, Law would like to see the Burning Man trademark revoked, which could allow anybody to stage a Burning Man event or even, to the horror of the event's staunch anticonsumerists, market Burning Man products ranging from lipstick to skin flicks.
It got too competitive," claims Dunning, who first looked beyond the profitable skin flicks with Jean Beaudin's Le Diable est parmi nous (1972).