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Skin fold thickness (SFT) was measured by a single trained doctor using Harpenden Caliper from carefully marked sites on triceps, biceps, and subscapular, chest, thigh, and abdomen and suprailiac areas on the non-dominant side.
Briefly, the test is read 72 h later, by comparing the relative millimetre increase in skin fold thickness (in-vivo cell mediated response to each tuberculin) at each injection site.
There is statistical significance between skin fold thickness and BMI.
Regarding nutritional parameters, Triceps Skin Fold Thickness, Subscapular Skin Fold Thickness, mid-arm circumference and serum albumin were also statistically low in CRP positive patients although serum cholesterol levels did not differ significantly in our study.
The method recommended by the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the US (NCAA) was employed for the skin fold thickness measurement.
The Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was also used to find out the relationship between body weight (BMI) and percent body fat scores obtained from skin fold thickness, body circumference measurements and BIA.
Each subject's body weight, fat and non-fat mass, skin fold thickness, and waist/hip/thigh circumferences were measured.