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Our studies show that treatment with IMO-3100 and IMO-8400 reduces disease-associated expression of the IL-17 and IL-23 inflammatory cascade in the mouse IL-23-induced skin inflammation model," said Dr.
Some severe cases may require antibiotics and a period of box rest to allow the skin inflammation to heal.
EAACI experts agree that no single cause can be found but the vital importance of the skin barrier function is being increasingly recognised as an underlying reason for the skin inflammation that develops as a result of the immune system becoming overactive.
In addition to Retinal, Ultra REVERSE active ingredients include Extract of Green Tea which helps reduce skin inflammation, and CoQ10, another power antioxidant that protects and feeds the skin.
We showed that a drug that blocks the production of leukotriene B4 blocks the development of allergic skin inflammation in a mouse model of eczema," said Dr.
The PPD may also cause reddened skin as well as skin inflammation of the eyelids and may lead to a complete closure of the eyelids.
In a more recent study, the scientists tested the effects of black rice bran extract on skin inflammation in laboratory mice.
Antioxidants help to scavenge damaging free radicals and fight skin inflammation that is visible as acne, redness and irritation.
Apparently the problem is especially acute for people lounging on sunny beaches as the sunshine aggravates the skin inflammation.
In order not to increase skin inflammation, avoid off-the-shelf beauty care products and irritating chemicals and fragrances.
It can cause irritation and skin inflammation or infectious skin irruptions, they added.
As far as topical preparations are concerned, Calendula and Hypericum ointment is often used wherever there is skin inflammation, whether due to infection or physical damage.