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A review of the Skin rash products under development by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources.
The skin rash usually clears up during treatment -- topical medications, or sometimes antibiotics, may be helpful if needed.
Devise corrective measures for pipeline projects by understanding Skin Rash pipeline depth and focus of Skin Rash therapeutics.
Rubella (German measles) usually causes only a mild fewer and skin rash, but exposure to the virus during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects, including mental retardation, heart disease, deafness and diabetes.
Onderdonk told SCIENCE NEWS that physicians should test for human infection within days after tick bites occur, while the characteristic skin rash is still present.
Hana Biosciences (NASDAQ:HNAB), a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing cancer care, today announced that it has acquired exclusive rights to develop and commercialize Menadione, a preclinical product candidate for the prevention and treatment of skin rash associated with the use of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors in New York.
Mild symptoms include fever, headache, and body aches, vomiting, and sometimes swollen lymph glands or a skin rash.
Reina Chavarria, now free on bond and awaiting sentencing, pleaded guilty after her assistant injected an Orange County man, complaining of a skin rash, with vitamin B-12.
Although the fever and skin rash of Kawasaki syndrome disappear and most patients recover, there are structural changes in the blood vessels of the heart in about 20 percent of patients--most of whom are less than 5 years old.
In controlled clinical trials, 26% of patients treated with SUSTIVA experienced new-onset skin rash compared with 17% of patients treated in control groups.
30 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, is a skin rash that results from a drinking game.