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The saucer-eyed Amanda Seyfried plays skin-flick star Linda Lovelace in a - drum roll, please - skin-deep biopic.
So, it was truly refreshing to read the recent article in your paper about incomers to Wales of different nationalities who accepted the way of life, traditions, culture and language of this country "Being Welsh is more than just skin-deep for loyal incomers", March 1).
MY TURN When my day of calling comes Cry not for me my chums I have had my day and lived quite well Pray that I don't go to hell To the other side now I must go Hopefully meet old friends and maybe some foe Sometimes things just don't work out And yes God has the final shout So have a drink on me this day It maybe your turn next to pass away I hope St Peter's waiting patiently for me And pray that's my final destiny I have been no angel in my life Hopefully I may improve in the after-life GEORGE McLANDERS, Byker SKIN-DEEP Tell me, tell me, what is it you see?
Banks and Brandon Massey, along with others, have been giving the image of vampires and those who inhabit their world a cultural makeover that is more than just skin-deep.
Trent's knowledge of the skin is more than skin-deep.
Skin-deep, this new bad boy is largely the same as the popular CTS, Cadillac's handsome four-door sedan.
And, with a real-time 24/7 Expo site growing on the web, accessible to all, it should come as no surprise that the physical environment of recent events has been skin-deep, billboard showmanship.
The leper may have been healed only skin-deep, remaining isolated by her dependence on wine even though she returned to the bosom of her family.