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She said: "It was the best skinny dip we've had so far - everything about it was perfect.
People take part in the Great British Skinny Dip at Monknash Beach WALES NEWS SERVICE
Skinny Dip and Gise are largely mixtures of fructose (a sugar), whey (a by-product of cheese-making), and added flavors and colors (Gise's are all natural).
Sunday 05:30 Skinny dip is all for a good cause More than 400 people stripped off and ran into freezing waters to celebrate the autumn equinox - and raise money for charity.
The Great British Skinny Dip has been organised to "create an up-beat, health-focused and exciting challenge" for people who have never skinny dipped.
Around 350 hardy swimmers braved icy seas at Druridge Bay for the fourth annual North East skinny dip.
California park rangers are accusing members of the Lupin Lodge, a nudist colony, of stealing water from a nearby waterfall at Hendrys Creek Property so they could skinny dip even during a drought across the state.
Another winner on the night was the organiser of a skinny dip at Rhossili on the Gower which saw 414 naked swimmers take to the sea.
The resort and their affiliates across the country are attempting to stage the world's largest skinny dip this Saturday; Guinness requires witnesses, and so came the invitation.
s marketing message for its Skinny Dip seasonal is focused on preserving the Colorado River.
uk, says: "Brits have long been fans of a skinny dip and have come to realise that if they want to strip on their annual trip, then a selfcatering holiday is the way to go.
TOP 10: 1) Dolphins 2) Travel World 3) Safari 4) Drive an open-top car 5) Write a novel 6) Join the mile-high club 7) Have kids 8) Meet hero 9) Sky dive 10) Skinny dip