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She counted and skipped, and skipped and counted, until her cheeks were quite red, and she was more interested than she had ever been since she was born.
Tha's skipped red into thy cheeks as sure as my name's Ben Weatherstaff.
Mary skipped round all the gardens and round the orchard, resting every few minutes.
This view is intended to be reassuring, for it is desirable that a few lines of this story be skipped.
And, then, there he was, slim and handsome, and dressed the gaudiest and prettiest you ever saw, and he lit into that horse with his whip and made him fairly hum -- and finally skipped off, and made his bow and danced off to the dressing-room, and everybody just a-howling with pleasure and astonishment.
It may be due to overindulgence in snacks and junk foods during the day to 'make up' for the skipped breakfast.
most of them skipped classes because they didn't do their homework.
Skipping Records IN1963, 71 year-old Tom Morris skipped 1264 miles (2022 km) from the city of Brisbane to the city of Cairns in Australia
Each skipped card is returned to the bottom of the deck.