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Tha's skipped red into thy cheeks as sure as my name's Ben Weatherstaff.
Mary skipped round all the gardens and round the orchard, resting every few minutes.
President Rodrigo Duterte skipped the Asean-Australia Informal Breakfast Summit, the first event for Southeast Asian leaders during the second day of the 33rd Asean Summit here.
This allows expression of shorter dystrophin proteins that lack domains encoded by the skipped exon(s).
We were both impressed by how readily it skipped. It piqued my curiosity, so shortly after this, I filmed the sphere impact with a high-speed camera to gain additional insight.
TIMOTHY HO CHU-TING | f rom Hong Kong skipped 522 right foot only jumps in three-minutes in the male World Masters competion in August 2014.
"We brought (some) students here and questioned them...most of them skipped classes because they didn't do their homework."
Skipping Records IN1963, 71 year-old Tom Morris skipped 1264 miles (2022 km) from the city of Brisbane to the city of Cairns in Australia!
Researchers found that the men who skipped breakfast tended to be smokers, had lower levels of physical activity, and drank more alcohol, though even when such factors were accounted for in the study, men who skipped breakfast still had higher heart health risks than those who didn't skip breakfast.
Each skipped card is returned to the bottom of the deck.
Credit cards and consumer loans were eligible to be skipped. With such programs, interest continues to accrue on the loan and the repayment schedule is extended.
I skipped down the still busy street where the pub was on the comer across from the beach--that old dealer pub, the broken-down one with the local history, the surfies, the roaring laughter, the men spilling out.