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She said: "I've been moulding a skirt around the statue with newspaper and other materials, ready for the costume to fit over.
Race chief executive Hugh Roberts said Thursday's Yorkshire stage of the event - which will be from Rotherham to Bradford and will skirt around Mrs Tomlinson's home city of Leeds - will be dedicated to the mother-of-three's memory.
Dartmouth Circus is a major junction for motorists wanting to join the outer ring road to skirt around the city centre.
We are not going to skirt around whatever the opposition are going to throw at us.
It will then skirt around the Roman temple of Olympian Zeus and on to Dionissiou Areopagitou Street, the wide path along the south of the Acropolis.
7 billion gas pipeline that will skirt around Belarus and Ukraine in an apparent effort to win Russia more leverage in its dealings with its two unpredictable neighbors.
In Britain, libraries offer a great extra resource with computers connected to the internet but there are surfers who will know ways to skirt around filtering.
Shigetoshi Saito, a police sergeant on the Kanagawa prefectural police force, is suspected of looking up the 24-year-old woman's skirt around 1:45 p.
The drum features a skirt around its top with straps to attach a broom, shovel and dustpan.
Zia-ul-Haq also decided to skirt around the constitutional provision by holding a referendum for his election.