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To skirt around quotas, and trick those shoppers that actually look at the labels to check clothes are South African-produced, they have begun to export almost finished items of clothing.
DON'T skirt around the issue in this purple mini from New Look, above.
Brooks Williams doesn't skirt around Americana music or dress it up in cute packages.
A lot of doctors are also starting to skirt around the rules and not
Every year they skirt around the situation and skirt around the rules on bits and pieces, yet the tackle remains untouched.
warplanes to skirt around nuclear energy facilities and civilian airports in Japan in a safe and practical manner, the officials said.
She said: "I've been moulding a skirt around the statue with newspaper and other materials, ready for the costume to fit over.
Dartmouth Circus is a major junction for motorists wanting to join the outer ring road to skirt around the city centre.
Race chief executive Hugh Roberts said Thursday's Yorkshire stage of the event - which will be from Rotherham to Bradford and will skirt around Mrs Tomlinson's home city of Leeds - will be dedicated to the mother-of-three's memory.
People tend to skirt around the subject sensitively, but we all know that's what happens to those at the bottom of the market at the lesser sales.