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Niall McGinn 6 Skirted around the ankles of Fallon and tried to make things happen.
The meeting agreed a transition plan for Syria whose language skirted around the issue dividing Western powers on one side and Russia and China on the other: whether or not Syrian President Bashar Assad should have a role in a new unity government.
It's something I've skirted around in the past, but I've never been one to follow others so hopefully it will do something different.
Zoe has always skirted around jazz, dropping in classical influences and swishing around elements from her mixed heritage.
Young diplomatically skirted around the issue of Holland midfielder Wesley Sneijder joining United at some point after tomorrow's match.
As he kicked off a European tour in Rome, hardline politician Avigdor Lieberman skirted around the issue of a Palestinian state.
Placing the blame on the cereal companies who have skirted around government health regulations and whose lobbyists have done everything they could to block solutions, Watson discusses remedies to America's epidemic as well as speaking of its origins.