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Teddy with the note he found behind the skirting board and (inset) the message to 'future people'
If you are attaching the skirting board to a brick or plasterboard surface you will need to drill 4mm holes half way up the board, in a line no more than 1mm apart where you want the screws to be.
Lastly make good any damage to the skirting board before painting it.
your questions on DIY answered Q COULD you let me know the best filler to use for gaps between the skirting boards and walls?
Q I have bought an old flat and the electrical sockets were installed in the skirting boards.
HOT CROSS BUNNY: Beatrix and (below) with Teressa Pictures: CATERS; ROGUE: Beatrix & skirting board damage
I THOUGHT the house that I'm renovating was coming on nicely until I tried to put on skirting boards the other day - Handy Andy if you're reading this, your job is officially safe
It's essential to sand thoroughly before painting - use an electric sander for the flat part of the skirting board and then sandpaper where the sander can't reach (have two or three different grades of sandpaper to hand).
To avoid getting paint on the carpet when youOre painting the skirting board, take an old birthday card and press it on the carpet where youOre painting.
While the woman was out he screwed eyelets and handles into the sitting room skirting board - as detailed in his plan.
A quarter of us are just too busy for chores like cleaning the fridge, touching up paintwork, dusting the skirting board or even changing a light bulb.
Brush in towards the skirting board when painting over the tape to help to stop the paint from bleeding underneath.