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A It sounds like an old pantry, which would have had a concrete floor and skirting so that the floor could be washed without damaging the wall.
DECORATIVE timber mouldings for interiors, such as picture rails, skirting boards and dado rails, are known as architectural mouldings.
The cutting list for this cabinet is: two shelves at 512mm x 300mm, four sides at 582mm x 500mm, one 540mm x 1180mm top piece, two bottoms lengths (each 514mm x 500mm) one skirting at 100mm x 1200mm, two skirtings at 100mm x 550mm, four doors (each 272mm x 495mm) one back at 1100mm x 582mm and four brass grill pieces at 130mm x 390mm.
A The chances are the skirtings have been glued to the plasterboard, Knock a pry bar behind the skirting board then place a thin strip of wood behind the bar to protect the wall.
All glass framing is let into the structure and there are no architraves or skirtings. Furnishings, such as the plainly designed stove, slatted reclining chairs and Aalto stools, are in keeping with the spare skeletal structure as are floors of wooden decking or the dense black linoleum set against the warmth of beech veneer.
Contract Notice: Downtaking of all joinery items such as doorsets, skirtings, facings, fixtures & fittings.Construction of temporary & new partition walls inclusive of facings, skirtings etc
All walls and ceilings are finished in painted plaster, with no skirtings on the ground floor and flush skirtings on the first floor.
Contract Notice: Take out & renew sink base units, toilet doors, supply & fit "Wetwall" to toilet walls, take down and clear away pinboards, doorsets, worktops & skirtings, supply & fit new "Sundeala" pinboards, skirtings, hat & coat hooks include belting, pipeboxing and partitions.
- Approximately 2818 m2 surface preparation;- Approximately 2818 m2 with a suitable compensation system self-leveling putty;- Cut off approximately 1 268 m edge insulation strips; - Approximately 2 655 m2 Delivery and installation of flooring linoleum;- Approximately 1 493 m skirting of wood; - Approximately 218 m2 prefabricated parquet, panels, beech, in association, regular shock;- Approximately 74 m skirtings made of wood.
This offer is the record of approximately 2,000 m2 textile floor covering to expand (even small areas), ca.2.200 m carpet skirtings and dispose of approximately 2,750 m flooring cut, remove approximately 2,000 m2 adhesive residue, about 300 m2 floor fracture repair, about 2,000 m2 underbody primed to deliver ca.1.500 m2 new needlepunch and embarrassed deliver approximately 2,200 m carpet skirtings and assemble Pick up approx 850 m2 Lino, approximately 2,350 m2 coat on the substrate, providing approximately 850 m2 Lino and embarrassed (also in small areas), about 500m skirtings lifern and install.
Refurbishment of the existing building Optimizing energy standard, fire precautions, general rehabilitation, modernization and adaptation of the use;- Linoleum covering approximately 670m2, including coved skirtings;- PVC covering approximately 230m2, including coved skirting.
Name of the material, equipment quantity 1 suspension bracket su2 / 23, cross, double row, open type, for skirting boards type lsaprofil, at least 2000 mm high (analogue stk-kr, srk) or analog 5 sets.