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Why were stockholders skittish, even as the company appears ever-closer to its merger with Tribune Media and announcement with FOX is expected to come shortly?
On their latest single, Thought Contagion, Muse have used skittish drum patterns.
In the United States, as elsewhere, private investors have reportedly grown skittish about the Philippines' prospects.
Spin bowlers Saeed Ajmal and Brett D'Oliveira are likely to be in the Rapids' 11 tonight and they may trouble a skittish Yorkshire top order who aren't in great nick.
MONTY PYTHON'S THE MEANING OF LIFE ITV4 10PM John Cleese and the motley Monty crew are in skittish mood, wildly funny and generally highly dubious - please, Mr Cleese, don't give that waffa-thin mint to hugely obese Mr Creosote (above).
stocks closed lower Wednesday, with investors skittish as benchmark Treasury yields fell to lows not seen since last summer.
Gospel choirs, skittish beats and Four Tet-esque synths all feature at some point, and while Dr Octagon's guest rap on Buried Alive is jarring, Mosquito is another great album by a band who never seem to run out of ideas or songs.
Rats still acted skittish around the dishes 24 hours after the cloth was removed, the team reports in an upcoming Physiology & Behavior.
Financial market sentiment, though remaining skittish, has generally improved since early December.
This logical conclusion tells me that although horses are skittish and nervous, there are apparently very few horses that use the bridlepath to be alarmed and justify the hype raised by a minority.
Skittish about ruining my reputation in a career where few people believe in God and fewer still bother to distinguish spirituality from religious politics.
1 : easily excited or frightened : skittish <a flighty horse>