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They move skittishly with their hands and feet, followed by slower, extended phrases.
And indeed Ryan does concede, albeit skittishly, that disadvantaged students are more likely to hold dysfunctional attitudes or display disruptive behaviors.
With shoulders hunched and eyes that skittishly reveal a history of physical abuse, she tries to stay out of her husband's way (grizzled Eric Godon plays the monster in question), but even feigning sleep in bed she is a target for his drunken tirades.
Tuesday's account in Symphony Hall was a genuine progress from darkness (launched by Jonathan Holland's imperiously funereal trumpet summons) to light, in a finale where all involved danced skittishly and exuberantly under Nelsons' baton, which seems to disappear more and more, as this conductor more talented than he knows relaxes into his role as music director of one of the world's greatest orchestras.
The music eventually increases in intensity and moves toward the aforementioned quasi cadenza, in which the solo violin skittishly jumps from one pitch to another in an improvisatory fashion.
If we couldn't afford to go into town we went to the "Woody Beaf as we skittishly referred to it because it was so different (after Mr Woods and the Downbeat) the name stuck, obviously.
Skittishly endearing, Rocks And Daggers goes on a seafaring adventure with bursts of fire and drama, with wise-beyond-his-years observation from Fink.
Perhaps he could take over at Great Leighs, which keeps edging towards the starting tapes but then skittishly retreating.
Far from creating an overall sense of living by biblical law, this book moves skittishly from topic to topic and generally forgets an idea after Mr.
Every time the script hints that she and Peter might possibly be physically attracted to each other, everyone involved dances skittishly away" (Burr).