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Subordinate level motion verbs, such as skulk and scamper, have a lower frequency of occurrence than basic level related categories (e.
Skulk was produced by the man himself over the past couple of years with a supporting cast of musicians sympathetic to his tastes and sensibilities.
IN Iraq the US are about to turn tail and skulk away blaming the Iraqis for not wanting their help.
So expect Mr Brown to skulk morosely in the shadows like an untamed grisly stalking his prey and waiting for the opportunity to pounce on an elusive slippery quarry.
They no longer had to skulk about in dingy neighborhoods, casting around furtive glances in fear of being recognized.
As Rasputin, even a resourceful dancer-actor like Ethan Brown could do little more than skulk about.
If the last Congress - especially the GOP freshmen - appeared to approach government cuts with a swagger, the current crop of legislators seems to skulk, hoping to offend no one, especially such noisy organized constituencies as senior citizens, labor unions, and environmentalists.
Down: 1 Observe, 2 Eyeliner, 3 Knot, 4 Well done, 5 Pour, 6 Kenya, 8 Teacher's pet, 13 Envisage, 14 Implicit, 15 Cottage, 18 Skulk, 20 Enid, 21 Plan.
To which animal does the collective noun a skulk apply?
I haven't noticed any more about this, and wonder if it's still in place - if so I presume secret passages have been provided so we can skulk off out of sight.
So then he could "officially" screw up, alienate the second best player in the team with his disdain, skulk around with a sour face all weekend and appear to be enjoying the whole event as much as a jockey with piles on Derby day.