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The first three words in the first poem of the first Leaves of Grass edition of 1855 are all that is needed to explode the skulking, dishonest, un-American rationale of "don't ask, don't tell": "I celebrate myself.
skulking about France a few years, with a bottle of strychnine in his pocket, and, it is suspected, using the same on a confiding friend or two [.
Game is there--the skulking roebuck or even a scurrying Rudel of red-deer is to be seen any evening, even from a train window.
Reserve manager Lindsay Beaton said: "Far from skulking in the reedbed, the bitterns are often out in the open, or in sparse scrubby undergrowth.
Fans of Get Carter will relish seeing him skulking through the underbelly of a seedy London where menace and hellish reality lurk around every corner.
Each lunch-time I find myself inhaling the smoke of some inconsiderate nicotine addict lighting up in the street or skulking in doorways.
Instead of skulking around at home crying and eating cream cakes she's dropped a dress size, got a whole bunch of eligible men in tow and has been hitting the town looking for all the world like she's just won the Lottery.
Of course he is, and he's skulking around London dressed in rags, determined to prove his innocence.
Slimy, treacherous, sewer-dwelling animals who spend their lives skulking in the shadows needn't worry - council leader Rodney Berman won't be swelling their ranks.
I EXPECTED to find a room full of black-clad mourners skulking around the venue but was pleasantly surprised to find a promising new band playing a melodic mix of emo-rock and hardcore punk.
Mark's Place, back when there were fewer than a hundred pointy-toed hipsters skulking around the East Village streets and a boy could get the shit beat out of him for dyeing his hair blue.