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Roger Glunt said the skyrocketing cost of lumber was identified as the most critical issue facing the housing industry by the 60,000 delegates attending the association's annual convention in Las Vegas late last month.
Goldstone said, "Except for OPEC, nobody makes more money from skyrocketing gasoline prices on American consumers than Visa and MasterCard member banks - over $10 billion this year alone if gas prices stay above $4.
In all the ink spilled and air time spent on skyrocketing gas prices and the specter of astronomical home heating bills next winter, some crucial truths about the cost of filling up at the pump got left out in the cold.
Aimed at providing relief to builder members throughout the state who have faced liability insurance unavailability in addition to skyrocketing costs, this move would allow builders to take the issue of insurance out of the traditional marketplace, which has grown increasingly unstable.
The medical liability market Pennsylvania has been reeling from skyrocketing costs and litigation awards.
documents that huge markups in charges to patients are continuing, even after federal changes in Medicare reimbursement policies that were supposed to help contain skyrocketing costs.
We are seeing an increased traffic flow of younger customers who enjoy the store, and sales are skyrocketing as a result.
OPINION: Health insurance reforms in many states have resulted in skyrocketing rates and have forced many residents to remain uninsured.
The current system has forced homeowners to pay record property insurance premiums and real estate firms to absorb skyrocketing business insurance costs, costs that often end up being passed on to clients and consumers.
But skyrocketing housing prices have boosted property tax income for any agency that relies on it for revenue.
Manhattanites are seeking out new neighborhoods in an effort to beat skyrocketing real estate prices, and Harlem is getting more interest than ever from prospective buyers.
These challenges are well chronicled: skyrocketing health care costs and the dramatic rise of non-union competitors who pay far lower wages and far fewer benefits.