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Senators Baldwin and McCain co-authored the FAIR Drug Pricing Act, which would address skyrocketing prescription drug prices and hold pharmaceutical companies accountable by requiring transparency for pharmaceutical corporations that plan to increase drug prices.
Goldstone said, "Except for OPEC, nobody makes more money from skyrocketing gasoline prices on American consumers than Visa and MasterCard member banks - over $10 billion this year alone if gas prices stay above $4.
In all the ink spilled and air time spent on skyrocketing gas prices and the specter of astronomical home heating bills next winter, some crucial truths about the cost of filling up at the pump got left out in the cold.
With students eating more junk food and not getting enough exercise, childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing.
A new risk-retention group is set to begin selling medical-malpractice insurance in Florida, a state beset by skyrocketing malpractice premiums.
The new venture points to the skyrocketing importance of online advertising as an extension of newspaper classified and display ads.
While Macklowe made a case that buildings are still well below replacement costs, Fascitelli warned that many investors might have already overpaid in the current market of skyrocketing values.
OPINION: Health insurance reforms in many states have resulted in skyrocketing rates and have forced many residents to remain uninsured.
documents that huge markups in charges to patients are continuing, even after federal changes in Medicare reimbursement policies that were supposed to help contain skyrocketing costs.
Right now, Williamsburg is the borough's hottest neighborhood, but prices there are skyrocketing.
That's an appalling record and it's compounded by the skyrocketing fee and rate hikes they have imposed on water, sewer and nearly every other service the city provides.
While the insurance savings may not completely offset the impact of skyrocketing gasoline prices on your household budget, the combined benefit of reduced fuel, maintenance and insurance costs could make public transportation a budgetary bonus for many commuters.