slack off

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A mere human might slack off on the baby care if a nanny suddenly materialized, but a test of house sparrows has found the opposite reaction.
We have performed well all season and just because the championship race is over we do not have to slack off.
The day that we slack off is the day that we're going to get run over, passed by, because all of our opponents will be working harder than we are.
If they're told they can get by with once-daily therapy, they may eventually slack off and apply the drug only once every 2 or 3 days.
Particularly for runners who don't like to slack off or shorten their workouts for part of the year, cross-country skiing provides a way to increase the of length and intensity the aerobic part of your workout without increasing the stress on your body.
The survey can show you that the competition isn't gaining on you, but you can bet that if you slack off on your efforts to improve, they'll catch up real quick;
But never were the children allowed to use the hard work all of them did as an excuse to slack off on their school work.
And making sure the Two Hs didn't slack off spurred him to face his own fight head on.
Palace have secured safety in the top flight but boss Tony Pulis insists they won't slack off in the final three games.
London, Mar 31 ( ANI ): Coffee has a "stimulant" effect on lazy people but has the reverse result on hard workers, making them slack off, a new study has suggested.
com offers streaming radio Internet programming if students want to slack off when they should be working.