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Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) has said that it has no plans to slacken mortgage standards.
That's the big benefit, everybody knows they can't slacken off.
That is not before time, but the CQC's leaders must not allow their efforts to slacken if the public turns its eye to other matters.
The oil market took a hammering from a decline on Wall Street, which spawned speculation that energy demand will slacken as economic recovery slows, market analysts said.
Economic growth is projected to slacken from the second half of calendar 2007" despite improvements in farm output, the organisation said.
COACH Paul Reid insists Northwich will not slacken their efforts in North Two West even though the table suggests they are clear of relegation trouble following the 13-8 defeat of Lymm.
We should not slacken in our efforts to find a solution to this issue," Bishop Wolfgang Huber of the Evangelical Church in Germany said at the Third European Ecumenical Assembly in Sibiu on Sept.
Previously, Vulcan's largest sheet stackers could handle sizes up to 12 x 12 ft with a single vacuum slacken The dual stacker is T-shaped and stacks on both sides of the cutoff, so a finished stack can be removed while a new stack is being built in the opposite bay.
So much for plateauing," says Warren Philp, CMHC's Northern Ontario market analyst, who predicted home starts would slacken off in 2006 from the historic highs of the previous two years.
You can't slacken off in training then produce a performance on match- day as though you were flicking a light switch.
There's a feeling that at any moment the tension among their components could slacken and they'd rearrange, not like headlights on a wet night on Broadway scored by bebop clarinet but like pixels scrambling, accompanied by a menu of beeps, clicks, and whirrs.
Or should we slacken the cuffs and let married people behave with impunity but nab gay folk for doing the same thing--which is what the disputed Texas law did?