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Clearly there must be an old town and a new town; and, indeed, when the commandant reached a spot where he could slacken the pace of his horse, he could easily see between the houses some well-built dwellings whose new roofs brightened the old-fashioned village.
As I trotted along, however, chewing the cud of - bitter fancies, I heard another horse at no great distance behind me; but I never conjectured who the rider might be, or troubled my head about him, till, on slackening my pace to ascend a gentle acclivity, or rather, suffering my horse to slacken his pace into a lazy walk - for, rapt in my own reflections, I was letting it jog on as leisurely as it thought proper - I lost ground, and my fellow- traveller overtook me.
They had proceeded above three miles, when Partridge, being unable any longer to keep up with Jones, called to him, and begged him a little to slacken his pace: with this he was the more ready to comply, as he had for some time lost the footsteps of the horses, which the thaw had enabled him to trace for several miles, and he was now upon a wide common, where were several roads.
He pushed on for another mile, and did not slacken speed until he stood at the entrance of a road called Camelia Road, which was at present his home.
In course of time she came into the leading thoroughfare where the Marshalsea was, and then he saw them slacken their pace, and soon turn down a by-street.
But the goddess with a bold heart turns every way destroying the race of wild beasts: and when she is satisfied and has cheered her heart, this huntress who delights in arrows slackens her supple bow and goes to the great house of her dear brother Phoebus Apollo, to the rich land of Delphi, there to order the lovely dance of the Muses and Graces.
Global Banking News-November 13, 2014--Bank of America has no plans to slacken mortgage standards
They travel to 11th-placed Droylsden tomorrow, and centre-back Buchanan says Cassidy's "aura and authority" mean there is no room, or inclination, to slacken off.
That is not before time, but the CQC's leaders must not allow their efforts to slacken if the public turns its eye to other matters.
The oil market took a hammering from a decline on Wall Street, which spawned speculation that energy demand will slacken as economic recovery slows, market analysts said.
Economic growth is projected to slacken from the second half of calendar 2007" despite improvements in farm output, the organisation said.
But it is important that we don't slacken off and think we just have to turn up on Saturday.