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Marketmen said slackened demand from retailers and stockists against adequate stocks weighed on cashew prices.
Commercial banks in Poland have slackened their requirements for corporate loans.
BoG has also noted that global headline inflation dropped, due to slackened growth in economic activity and lower commodity prices.
The composite index of leading indicators rose in April, for the eighth month in a row, but the scale of the growth slackened, prompting Hung Jui-bin, director of the economic research department, CEPD, to worry about the slow recovery of the economy.
In addition, inventories of crude oil and all major refined products rose during the month as demand slackened, with API estimating crude stocks ended the month at their highest end-of-January level since 1990.
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has been producing the Pilot sport utility vehicle and other large automobiles for which demand has slackened due to gasoline price hikes, Honda said.
When all the shocks you've suffered in your life Incredibly have not slackened the screw, Employment could not kill you with her knife, Rejected love has failed to conquer you, Through sleeplessness, the Hell of all despair You slip into the sky of complete prayer.
The results suggest Tories' post Budget surge has slackened and the prospects for the crucial contests in five weeks' are balanced.
Figures show that house price growth has now slackened to its slowest pace since May last year, with the pace of increase only just above the long run average of 21.
FULHAM V ASTON VILLA TODAY 3PM: Chris Coleman admits it would be "unforgivable" if Fulham side slackened off and allowed themselves to be drawn into the fight for survival at the bottom of the Premiership.
Activity has slackened slightly in 2006 but a further 244 UK companies had joined by the end of September.
At the moment, the Oil Price Information Service, a New Jersey-based group that follows market prices for oil and gasoline, reports no problems in California refineries and a slackened demand for gas.