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The chairman of the House Defence Committee, EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou said yesterday the recent incidents suggested a slackening off of vigilance and discipline in the armed forces.
However, an uncertain global economic outlook and slackening consumer demand still remain among the major concerns for the business community," said Chandrajit Banerjee, director- general, CII.
The ability to achieve a 23 percent increase in chain life, a 7 percent reduction in vibration and 12 percent in noise, and a reduction in chain slackening.
3 in July), but both the rates of gain and slackening were relatively subdued.
While inflation is only slightly above the Fed's comfort zone of between 1-2%, the consensus among economists is that it remains threatening enough to curtail a slackening in rates.
Total imports were also slowed by slackening imports of primary products in the final quarter and by some degree of inventory depletion.
ELASTONYL[R] preserves the elasticity capital of the skin and thus prevents skin's slackening and the appearance of the stretch marks.
Bust Beauty Gel helps prevent skin slackening with effective, visible results.
AS proof of her slackening grip on reality, Catherine Zeta Jones has employed a pounds 250-an-hour child care expert to make sure that two-year-old Dylan doesn't feel neglected when the new baby is born.
The potential slackening of Australia's quarantine laws;
Adjusting the height is by slackening the dairy fittings and therefore only one levelling foot is needed, making unhygienic threads obsolete.