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OTC: LIVX) has closed its acquisition of streaming music and personalised radio subscription service Slacker Radio, the company said.
If you want to listen to something a little more unconventional, Slacker offers a special radio show called "Slacker Radio Stories: True Love.
Thepartnership between Slacker and Triton enables programmatic buyers throughout the U.
This strategic alliance of Denton Slacker and Fourth Circle Enterprises is an organic move for the companies, as both companies have a common goal of helping local businesses and this move allows for effective targeting of these types of businesses.
I hear Johnny Slacker, now in his early sixties is still signing on.
Recommend Markus Zusak's I Am the Messenger (Random House, 2005/ VOYA February 2055) for a stronger depiction of slacker redemption.
When Jess rails against society's expectations, she's invoking the long and beloved cinematic archetype of the slacker.
Ask the Slacker directly how to improve group productivity.
LGBT Pride on Slacker features anthems from I Will Survive to Born This Way, out and proud artists from Adam Lambert to Chely Wright and all the hot club and party tracks that will keep everyone moving.
Player, jock, slacker, winner, superhero, goofball: These are some of the stereotypes that can pressure boys into hiding their true interests and unique personalities.
Radio services provider Slacker Inc announced on Thursday the availability of its Slacker Radio app for Windows 8 Release Preview.
He wholly disagreed with the slacker stereotype and com mented on the good values and skills that can be found in Gen Y.