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Note than he always positions himself in the slackest near-shore flow available, to avoid spooking fish from shallow current-washed areas.
What we got was a pack of third rate politicians obsessed with party politics and paying off the party faithful, giving passed sell by date councillors large cash sums to retire, abolishing hospital car park charges, abolishing prescription charges for those elements (myself included) who could well afford to pay, wasting money on unwanted and unnecessary road furniture (a plethora of signs), failing to get to grips with the slackest ambulance service in the UK and overseeing the collapse of what had once been a good standard educational system.
Economists expect China's economy to grow at its slackest pace in 14 years this year at 7.4 percent.
Among the slackest, laziest, least movie-like of movies released by a major studio in the past decade, "Grown Ups 2" is perhaps the closest Hollywood has yet come to making "Ow!
Back in 2004, the Bevan Foundation attempted to see off the introduction of regionalised pay by the Labour Government, arguing: "The downward shift is likely to be greatest where the labour market is slackest - in rural Wales and the South Wales Valleys, in low paid occupations, and for women."
But he's the one who will produce the slackest darts when he needs them least and Taylor - who looks unopposable at 4-11 to retain his title - will thrive on the pressure.
At length it was put forth that on our slackest time of that evening betwixt trains, Our Missis would give her views of Foreign Refreshmentin, in the Bandolining Room.