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Slackly directed and not even worthy of a TV slot, this is enough to make you nostalgic for the equally conservative John Wayne version.
Its notorious opening was ill-tuned and slackly driven, and the whole impression was very low key until the extended dance sequence, where solo violins interplayed with lift and panache, exemplifying an orchestra which was propelling itself with a virtuosity and sumptuousness of tone we have come to take for granted.
History meant to be puffed up with nationalist pride hangs slackly.
Surprisingly, Sunderland got the first real opening when Chelsea right-back Mario Melchiot slackly passed low across his own box.
so convey'd, / So slackly guarded, and the search so slow / That
It may be worth noting that among the slackly delineated limbs of Christ in the House of Martha and Mary (Edinburgh National Gallery), the demarcating highlights of Mary's knuckles anticipate the stippled dots of white, akin to the spotted plumage of a starling, which he was later to use to such brilliant effect in, among others, the picture of The Darymaid.