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The Magpies had won once at The defence as water Stamford Bridge in their colander, Stamford slackness Ritchie backwards critical.
The spokesman added that it is the responsibility of media personnel to furnish the public with factual news stories but unfortunately, in this case, the blame of slackness on the part of Ministry of National Food Security & Research in pursuing this issue is baseless and false.
Roberto Mancini bemoaned his City side's slackness in front of goal after they blew the chance to go joint top of the table.
There should not be any slackness or negligence on the part of tawafa establishments because efficient and quality performance is a matter of trust involving all," the minister said hinting at stringent action against any establishment that fails to serve pilgrim as desired by the government.
Funny and pulse-quickening though the tonal shift is, it reveals the slackness surrounding it.
The necessary tests have shown a slackness of the binding connector around the third vertebra.
We hope that there will be improvement in the ship repair market, which is still suffering from slackness and severe competition especially that the sales have dropped compared with the same period last year and certainly that the policy of diversification into offshore and military ship repairs will help Asry to overcome this difficult period," said Shaikh Daij.
Islamabad, Oct 7 (ANI): The Pakistan National Assembly Standing Committee has blasted Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt over his slackness and failure to tackle the alleged spot-fixing scam involving Pakistani cricketers.
The report added that the civic agency's slackness and faulty design of the landfill sites may pollute groundwater.
If recoil is restricted in any way or shows signs of free play or slackness, don't use the bipod.
IN Monday's Echo you had a heading "Crack down now on blue badge bridges cheats" and I have to say that much of the trouble could have been caused by slackness in the office from which blue badges are issued.
But headers, tackles and maybe slackness with the ball - that has got to be wiped out of defensive minds this season.