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Visual observation of the degree of slaking and dispersion of samples from within the top 0.2 m showed that air-dry aggregates from under trees did not slake, although their organic carbon content (%C) decreased with depth by 50%.
Caption: Over large parts of the parched north western part of India, civilization is only possible because the monsoon rainwater can be stored through the dry seasons to slake the thirst of crops, people and animals.
Production at the Decantae Mineral Water plant at Trofarth, near Colwyn Bay, has hit record levels in recent weeks as people across Britain and beyond have tried to slake their thirst.
Gallic producer Alain Goldman has taken a slake in "Gothika" helmer Mathieu Kassovitz's production company MNP and will produce his next film, the English-language "Babylon Babies," with MNP co-producing.
In addition Veidekke received a NOK14m residential contract from Slake Invest, a NOK9m warehouse contract from Princess, and a NOK13m housing contract from Veidekke Eiendom AS, Trend Eiendom AS and Stiftstaden AS.
BREWERIES and stores may hike the price of beer as fans flock to slake their thirsts - making cheap booze hard to find.
The cafe's homemade ginger beer and lemonade will slake throats dried by too much tale-telling.
After his hanging, during the 1832 miners' strike in the coalfields of Durham and Northumberland, Jobling's dead body was displayed on a gibbet at Jarrow Slake in South Tyneside for six weeks.
What better way to slake your thirst on the park bench, after a day's happy slapping?
The brewer can trace its roots back to 1880 when it was set up to slake the thirst of the British garrison.
He won the North East regional final and slakes his thirst at The Slake in West Cornforth.
The show is titled The River and the Slake. The area in the images is now part of Tyne dock and is where Nissan cars are stockpiled awaiting distribution to Europe.