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Calcium is one of the main components of wood ashes (des Lauriers 1994) and the slaked lime dust, although probably mixed with dirt, was likely rich in calcium as well.
Fragments from slaked soil aggregates include smaller aggregates and individual particles.
Intonaco is made from slaked lime, a lime powder to which water has been added.
Only our eventually slaked thirst or blanched bones can render the answer.
According to local dentist Dr Farook Suleman, the chewing of paan - a mixture of betel leaf, areca nut, slaked lime and flavoured tobacco - is a major health problem in the area.
If only I knew Which tree was which I could avoid the fateful one, And use the rest -- I could be sitting oblivious, Like these wasps, Thirst slaked with sweet cider, Or biting into That red one over there, Juice dribbling down my chin, The crisp flesh Satisfying my shrunken taste-buds.
For close to a century and a half, the mystical "moist element" of Greek mythology has drifted their timber, powered their mills, washed and peeled their logs, slaked their thirst, put out their fires-and streamed endlessly down their backs on rainy days.
Market value and volume for lime by type (hydraulic lime, quicklime, slaked lime)
Quick lime, un slaked lime grade a, standard quality fully soluble in water and producing hissing sound when dissolved in water.
For the most part, though, ``Open Range'' works, and anyone with a hankering for an old-fashioned Western (and here's hoping that's a big crowd) will come away with their thirst slaked.
When cubes were immersed in water, all slaked completely, but the percentage of the clay present diffusing out from the slaked fragments which reached the edge of each 250-mL beaker was small.
First: Old-time stucco mortar was one 94-pound bag of Portland (concrete) cement and two gallons of curd-like slaked lime.