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After testing a red #7s (with the slant neck hosel), I can say with confidence that this will pay off for Odyssey in spades.
In order to understand what Slant meant by "culture," we might
On the other hand, a total of 37 news stories were published by Dawn with slant 'Unfavorable to the Government' and at the same time The News also published 37 stories with slant 'Unfavorable to the Government' while The Nation published 38 news stories with slant 'Unfavorable to the Government'.
In a previous paper, we showed the existence of individual frequencies corresponding to several typical wake structures and clarified the dependence of the slant angle on their specific frequencies by hot-wire measurement.
Slant failed not so much because its ideas were bad, but because it had no solid ground under its feet in the English church of the time.
During the opening evening, Slant came out an hour before dark and walked through one of Hollands' shooting lanes 50 yards away but never presenting a good shot.
1] = 0 and [theta] [not equal to] 0, then M is a proper slant submanifold, with the slant angle [theta] [not equal to] 0.
2] is a slant distribution with nonzero slant angle.
Slant Room, poet Michael Eden Reynolds' first collection, contains dense, compressed lines of poetry which move contemplatively through the Yukon landscape.
A study by Rice University has found that California newspapers in markets close to the Mexican border put a negative slant on stories regarding immigration.