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And surely it is a mistake to suggest that liberation theology owes something to the Slant group.
Last August, Holland's first game camera photos of Slant revealed the buck was now an undeniable non-typical with several abnormal points.
Fernandez, Slant submanifolds in Sasakian manifolds, Glasgow Math.
The notion of slant helix is due to Izumiya and Takeuchi [6].
Left: This slant, like the Right call, is predetermined.
Luke gave his own particular doctor's sympathetic slant, while John leaves the historical account of the others to 'interpret' Jesus and His life and teachings.
Slant Gate runs up the valley from Manchester Road to Cowlersley Lane at Broad Oak.
The logistics slant is a fast and simple technique of identifying critical ammunition and fuel requirements and simplifying the logistics status report (LOGSTAT) to the company and field trains command post.
The slant was coded with a numeric value and the values were compared: in five of the communities it appeared that the slant of the paper was "noticeably" different from the slant of the TV station; conversely, in the other five communities "there was no meaningful difference.
This story has an animal welfare slant rather than a true animal rights slant.
The E-Z LEG[UP] has a patented slant seat feature, which controls the pitch of the forward slope, further reducing the flexion and pressures on the hip, knee and back.