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"Slant" and "topic" are interdependent in the content analysis research.
In the triangle WNN' shown in [Figure 1]d, Cose = WN/WN' = 190/(WW' + 190), if e is the gantry slant angle and X stands for the deviation of WW', deviation can be calculated as: X = |190(1/Cose - 1)|.
The slight toe-hang the slant neck provides helps blade putters transition their gated strokes to a mallet.
In this case, the slant angle is defined as the angle between the axis of the pick and the line perpendicular to the cutting perimeter, measured in its normal plane (Figure 4).
The purpose of the present paper is to investigate the properties of slant and semi-slant submanifolds in metallic (or Golden) Riemannian manifolds.
any attempt to do so is itself complicated by the fact that Slant cannot
'Sa PR lang po iyan, binibigyan ng ibang slant iyong kaso.
The Table 2 gives the detailed information about the Slant of Stories published in sample newspapers.
The systematic calculations by Johnson revealed that the state directly changed from ALD to SLD at a slant angle of 20[degrees] when [lambda] was above 1.80, whereas it gradually changed from ALD to HD from 20[degrees] to 30[degrees] and steeply changed to SLD at 30[degrees] when [lambda] was below 1.75, which is the original value of the Ahmed Body.
The condition is not altered by reparametrization, so without loss of generality we may assume that slant helices have unit speed.
concludes, the Slant group largely missed the opportunity to learn from this earlier generation of thinkers.