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We are certainly a good distance away from the Land of the Mangaboos," added Zeb; "for we have slanted away from it ever since we started.
The hair of this man was long and matted, and his head slanted back under it from the eyes.
They were tears of pity, young lady, that heaven blesses and instead of falling from my eyes like the everyday tears that we all of us shed, they turned into two rays of light which slanted nearer and nearer to the man standing at the altar with you, till they touched his breast.
It seemed to him that the walls were coming apart, that the furniture swayed at him; the ceiling slanted queerly for a moment, a tall wardrobe tried to topple over.
They crossed the Strand, and passed through Covent Garden (under the windows of his old lodging where dear Little Dorrit had come that night), and slanted away north-east, until they passed the great building whence Tattycoram derived her name, and turned into the Gray's Inn Road.
Dave Archard, a veteran of forty years in the broadcast profession, has published his memoir, Through Slanted Windows, A Journey into Radio.
HATE Arrow-like 'i' indicates aggression TWISTED Slanted type shows obsession
The proposed method is an improved version of the slanted edge method described in the ISO 12233 methodology and the SAFECOM methods (SAFECOM, 2006).
The first and the second cuff elements define inwardly slanted walls for blocking transverse discharge, the first cuff baseline has a transverse separation from the second cuff baseline, which increases at locations of the first and the second cuff elements bordering the partial region of the at least one second absorbing layer region.
Sakura Sakura," the first track on the Slants' debut CD, "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts," is perhaps the most heavy-handed in dealing with racial issues.