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1) at 30[degrees] of the slanted base is due to the transition in the wake structure [1].
The group is ready to release its fifth album, "Something Slanted This Way Comes," on April 5.
Dave Archard, a veteran of forty years in the broadcast profession, has published his memoir, Through Slanted Windows, A Journey into Radio.
HATE Arrow-like 'i' indicates aggression TWISTED Slanted type shows obsession
The proposed method is an improved version of the slanted edge method described in the ISO 12233 methodology and the SAFECOM methods (SAFECOM, 2006).
The first and the second cuff elements define inwardly slanted walls for blocking transverse discharge, the first cuff baseline has a transverse separation from the second cuff baseline, which increases at locations of the first and the second cuff elements bordering the partial region of the at least one second absorbing layer region.
Loaders and receivers also have slanted lids that reportedly allow a larger than usual access opening to the interior without disturbing resin or vacuum lines.
Its slanted drinkware line, a hit at Housewares, will soon grow to include a set of 16 glasses, slanted porcelain glasses and a coffee set.
The MCC-VG Series of horizontal machining centers provides simultaneous three-axis machining and slanted hole machining, accomplished by tilting the spindle at an optimum angle for outstanding access to the machining point.
Machining of large dies and molds, simultaneous three-axis machining, and slanted hole machining--accomplished by tilting the spindle at an optimum angle for access to the machining point, is accomplished with the MCC-VG series of horizontal machining centers.