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Asian-American musician Simon Tarn's memoir Slanted (published in March) centers around one such scenario.
1) at 30[degrees] of the slanted base is due to the transition in the wake structure [1].
The group is ready to release its fifth album, "Something Slanted This Way Comes," on April 5.
A new line of mobile Slanted Wire Shelving starter kits comes in four shelf dimensions: 18 x 36 inches, 18 x 48 inches, 24 x 36 inches and 24 x 48 inches.
As to the attack on the Korean tourists, Bahceli defended the protesters' "mistake," saying it is hard to distinguish a Korean from a Chinese as both have "slanted eyes."
Included are 12 new standard shelf sizes, four new slanted shelf sizes, and four new post heights.
For example, during the fabrication of slanted end-plate connections of beams, the angle of the slant was limited to about 60 degrees.
The buck's antlers still bore the "slanted" characteristics, but Hollands now estimated the buck to be in the 170- to 180-inch range.
Dave Archard, a veteran of forty years in the broadcast profession, has published his memoir, Through Slanted Windows, A Journey into Radio.
HATE Arrow-like 'i' indicates aggression TWISTED Slanted type shows obsession
The proposed method is an improved version of the slanted edge method described in the ISO 12233 methodology and the SAFECOM methods (SAFECOM, 2006).