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According to the trigonometric function theory of WN' = WN/Cose = S190/Cose and combining with equation of T[sub]WM = S190 + M, the formula could be derived: T[sub]WM−1 = S190/Cose + M, where e is gantry slant angle, and only in the range of I20-S20, it has significance (S represents gantry slanting toward head direction; I represents gantry slanting toward foot direction) in GE Prospeed F II CT scanner.
Thermal damping ability of connection can increase when details of it change to slanting type one.
4 : the slanting direction in which something is positioned <The road goes off on an angle.>
The slanting defensive lineman aims for the V of the offensive opponent's neck.
On the gallery, roof and balcony cladding is corrugated polycarbonate sheeting that in winter becomes opaque under its thick carpet of snow, and sparkles in the long slanting sun of autumn and spring.
Wei Li's "tilted" baby bottle fills with liquid without sharply slanting the bottle or feeding the infant in the reclining position.
Sister Marie Zarowny, chairwoman of a Catholic task group on the schools, accuses a recent government-commissioned poll of slanting the issue in the government's favour.
Ordinarily, water drops dribble like tears down a slanting surface, or they simply get stuck.