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Within the American music industry, The Slants represent an often-overlooked racial minority, Tam said.
The band sued, and the long-running case has made the Slants, a Portland, Oregon-based quartet who sound a bit like Fall Out Boy, a darling of First Amendment enthusiasts.
Weak: This slant is directed away from the strength of the formation.
Fullback Michael Pitre made it 21-7 with a 6-yard run, Taylor caught his 10-yard slant from Olson and Drew followed with his 66-yard punt return.
Who contributes: True/Slant launches with more than 100 "Entrepreneurial Journalists" - some from traditional print and broadcast outlets who are eager to make their mark in digital journalism, some who have already built audiences online, and some who have come by their slant on the truth via the expertise gleaned as academics and practitioners.
Tam said the band members' aim in calling themselves The Slants is to reclaim a slur and drain it of its power.
Snow said the third floor slants as well and that a window on the third floor leaks, ``something we discovered three days after it was certified as water tight.
After neutralization, sediments were placed on two slants of Lowenstein-Jensen (LJ) medium containing 0.
The elliptical shaped curtain wall slants at an 8-degree angle to the west.
All-Asian American dance rockers the Slants sliding into WOW Hall
The coaching staff appeared to keep the offense simple, with short out patterns and slants as the plays of choice.