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But like the Slants, they have a narrative lyrical style.
All slants start from the base alignment, which has the nose head up on the center and the ends head up on the offensive tackles.
He later caught a 10-yard scoring pass on a quick slant in the second quarter.
B wanted takes regular practice, sometimes moving only the head or neck four or eight times at a moderately slow tempo: On one, straighten the head and neck and look toward the corner; on two, slant the head as the cheek is brought forward by curving the neck.
Who contributes: True/Slant launches with more than 100 "Entrepreneurial Journalists" - some from traditional print and broadcast outlets who are eager to make their mark in digital journalism, some who have already built audiences online, and some who have come by their slant on the truth via the expertise gleaned as academics and practitioners.
Originally, I thought people would be more amused by the idea than offended by it," he said, "especially when we decided to name the band the Slants.
2075, growth first appeared after 2 weeks on LJ slants with and without pyruvate.
The elliptical shaped curtain wall slants at an 8-degree angle to the west.
The coaching staff appeared to keep the offense simple, with short out patterns and slants as the plays of choice.
There is a new seating design which means that the chair itself slants forward and upwards when the chair back reclines.
The use of slants, shifts, and shift to slant deceive the offense and make it difficult for them to block well consistently.
Arnold had 12 receptions for 138 yards in the opener, but he didn't run the quick slants against the Wolves.