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I didn't deliberately break the rules in Aintree, I counted to eight but the instinctive slap down the shoulder got me in trouble.
A Cabinet reshuffle gives the Prime Minister an opportunity to show strength and slap down the dissidents.
Bruno had to slap down boys Daniele and Marcquelle, both 23, after they attempted to take over the choreography.
Although a deal to sell the Times Square tower to Istithmar fell through earlier this month, the Dubai-based investment holding company did slap down $1.
That sounds chillingly similar to Total Information Awareness, the Orwellian program that we helped to expose and slap down in 2003.
Let us overlook the fact that the whole redesign was inspired by the ACLU (Association for Crushing Liberty and Understanding) itch to slap down Christians everywhere, and that the board itself took the opportunity to get enviro-giggles by writing the oil industry out of L.
The less of a human being he projects, the easier he can fit in with his smug (and partially closeted) circle of fellow vice presidents, who compare business cards like penis sizes and slap down platinum cards for a $570 meal as if they were playing a game of Spit--and the easier it is to dissociate himself from a homeless man he strangles, a colleague he axes to death, a prostitute (Cara Seymour, in a wondrously alert performance) he snuffs with a chain saw.