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In a most irritating manner he instantly slapped his hands against one another, daintily flung one of his legs up behind him, pulled my hair, slapped his hands again, dipped his head, and butted it into my stomach.
Kala Nag saw him, caught him in his trunk, and handed him up to Big Toomai, who slapped him then and there, and put him back on the post.
He was in disgrace; Flopsy wrung her ears, and slapped him.
And he crawled quietly underneath a friendly bush--much as he had done when Robin undertook to teach Will Scarlet a lesson--and chuckled softly to himself and slapped his thigh and prepared to watch the fight at his ease.
In the exuberance of his joy he slapped his companion roughly on the side of the head.
And he slapped his pocket till the gold pieces rang.
But upon my word I sometimes have had moments when if I had happened to be slapped in the face I should, perhaps, have been positively glad of it.
An' jest then a shot slapped him bang on th' side th' head.
Then he slapped Gorshkov on the shoulder, but I thought that Gorshkov somehow seemed hurt at this.
As they stopped at the door of the cardinal's study, D'Artagnan was about to be announced when Rochefort slapped him on his shoulder.
He smiled and slapped meaningly the only pocket of the sleeping jacket.
Nioche slapped his purse tenderly before he stowed it away.