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A spokesperson for Symantec has claimed that Slapper creates a peer-to-peer network with each server that is affected joining the network.
Calling you a slapper was rotten and it sounds to me as if you're well-shot of him.
You both know that while girls can have casual sexual encounters as well as boys, some things haven't changed and being considered a slapper is a hard name to ditch.
He never did and when my friend asked his best mate why, he said I was a bit of a slapper.
THE BEST JOKE in Katie Couric's repertoire is a kindergartner's knee- slapper about a snail and a turtle.
As demonstrated by Internet-borne malware such as Nimda and Klez, and more recently Slapper and BugBear, virus outbreaks are becoming more frequent and more complex, with multiple propagation methods.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Roofing Of Dehar Guest House And Field Hostel In Bbmb Colony At Slapper.
Throw in the alleged affair with a professional slapper and I rest my case, M'Lord.
Kiwi Cole, who previously dated slapper Abi Titmuss, fell for the charms of another big slapper, Big Brother "star" Sam Heuston, 24.
Slapper and Slapheads, written by Fred Lawless and Len Pentin, has the official stamp of the Liverpool Comedy Festival.
That dropped left-handed slapper Sarah Sherman into the No.