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The news anchor probed if the former MQM leader could confirm the rumour of slapping Sattar and added that an insider had confirmed the news.
The nun denied slapping a child and forcing her to eat fish, which she hated.
Dubai: A visitor has been accused of walking into a lift behind a secretary and slapping her posterior while they were leaving the building where they stayed.
HB 4144 was proposing that the two-tiered system be maintained by slapping an excise tax rate of P32 per pack on cigarette packs priced P11.
Sasikala also dismissed suggestions that there was any connection between the slapping incident at the airport and the alleged pressure on her to resign from Rajya Sabha.
Heartless Karen Bujang was recorded on CCTV forcing food into the mouth of 93-year-old Loni Ward before slapping her to the back of the head twice at Redholme Memory Care, in Carnatic Road, Mossley Hill.
They also claimed Ms Borthwick said she did not remember slapping the patient and then asked: "Did I slap him?
A PSNI officer has been disciplined after slapping a woman on the face.
Claire Louise Chalder: "Bigger fool her for not slapping him back.
An Egyptian activist who led protests over an iconic torture victim during the rule of Hosni Mubarak was sentenced on Tuesday to two years in prison for allegedly slapping a prosecutor.
After weighing in at 17 stone 3lbs - just a pound heavier than his lightest weight for a professional bout - Chisora butted heads before slapping Klitschko's face hard.
Why suddenly people in Gandhi's India, known world over for their tolerance, are venting their anger, their views by throwing shoes, slapping people, or even throwing black ink on someone?