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said the cabman, who had descended from his perch, and was slapping his chest, for the night was bitter.
said Bonacieux, slapping a plump, round bag, which returned a sound a money; "what do you think of this, Madame Preacher?
This done, the industrious beavers indulged in a little recreation, chasing each other about the pond, dodging and whisking about on the surface, or diving to the bottom; and in their frolic, often slapping their tails on the water with a loud clacking sound.
The gigantic chief now stepped forward, assumed a swelling air, and, slapping himself upon the breast, gave Mr.
Can you see Marm Conant slapping him between the shoulders?
There was an incessant slapping and chatter at the bows now, varied by a solid thud and a little spout of spray that clattered down on the fo'c'sle.
Why even Jink might hit that sort of bird," cried Sir Howard, hilariously slapping his host on the back.
The slapping came off, too, as in your case; and the girl's dress was light blue
My friend had listened with amused surprise to this long speech, which was poured forth with extraordinary vigour and earnestness, every point being driven home by the slapping of a brawny hand upon the speaker's knee.
said Prince Hippolyte in English, and began slapping his knee with the palm of his hand.
Sitting down, he drew off his light yellow gloves, and began slapping his knees with them.
I consider that there is still a chance," Hewet urged, slapping himself to right and left, "that I never did take it after all.