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Then, reading from his account-book as if he were repeating some devout prayer, in the middle of his delivery he raised his hand and gave him a sturdy blow on the neck, and then, with his own sword, a smart slap on the shoulder, all the while muttering between his teeth as if he was saying his prayers.
When they entered, I felt that the impression of the slap was red on my face still, but the mark of the blow was hidden by my hair.
I stopped the preliminary slap, but before I could hit him, his terrible left fist reached my head again; and down I fell once more--upon the hearth-rug this time--not over-heavily.
There it was, the smack and slap of the spirit of revolt, of adventure, of romance, of the things forbidden and done defiantly and grandly.
And growing angrier each moment, they went from words to blows, and finally began to scratch and bite and slap each other.
The jib itself was beginning to slap, partially filling and emptying with sharp reports; but with a turn of the sheet and the application of my whole strength each time it slapped, I slowly backed it.
Still I pulled, holding what I gained each time with a double turn until the next slap gave me more.
With these and other expressions of confidence of the like flattering kind, Mr Dennis gave him a hearty slap on the back, which Hugh was not slow to return.
We give an opportunity to the manager and employees of the hotel and also the team of his film to slap Aamir and get INR0.
If the baby's airway is still blocked after three full cycles of back slaps and chest thrusts call an ambulance immediately.
In February of this year, the top police official in Mumbai said that he wished more ordinary citizens would slap suspected criminals in order to help maintain law and order.
The Portsmouth midfielder's dangerous tackle destroyed the Germany captain's World Cup dream but Boateng insists the Chelsea star was the chief offender for an earlier slap at Wembley.