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Continue with the cycles of back slaps and chest thrusts until help arrives.
Berlin-born Boateng, who will be going to the finals with Ghana, apologised for the challenge in last Saturday's defeat but is adamant the tackle was nowhere near as bad as the slap he received from Ballack.
It is a single act of violence, but this one slap reverberates through the lives of everyone who witnesses it happen.
As the 3 man slaps the ball, 2 sets up a screen for 5, who breaks hard to the head of the rim (Diag.
To this day, they'll defend me for the bunt or slap,'' Mendoza said.
Additionally, NEC's slap segmentation algorithm proved most accurate in hand and finger position identification rate for slaps with an unknown hand type.
In February of this year, the top police official in Mumbai said that he wished more ordinary citizens would slap suspected criminals in order to help maintain law and order.
Curly, the butt of the slaps and pokes, always seemed to be every fan's favorite Stooge - and Bernds is not quite sure why, except that Curly always seemed to be doing the naughty stuff every kid would love to get away with.
com/videos/0_j15dwj92) Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee IN THE FACE - Watch More (http://www.
She stands up to lover Aleksandr after he leaves her alone at a party and during the argument the Russian slaps her, convincing Carrie it has to end.
It's really an order to not slap it like this one brave fan did during her most recent concert.
All he did was slap someone, even if he shouldn't have done it.